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About us

The Fidget Cube is an addictive cube that may enhance your ability to focus throughout the day. This is a device engineered to offer the most tangible way to hold your attention whether you fidget consciously or subconsciously. Some people like fidgeting with a pencil or a key ring and others like using worry stones or baoding balls. The fidget cube is a unique stimulating device that combines all these tools in one. It is designed to to keep you anxiety free and is the perfect stress relief toy. It’s a cool looking cube that you can bring along wherever you go. Keep it on your desk or even bring it with you to school!
                                                          Fidget Cube About Page Front Face
Whirl-The face of this cube is all about rolling away the stresses in life. The addictive gears are built in to mimic a combination lock such as ones on a breifcase and the ball on this face is similar to Baoding balls, an ancient Chinese method which helps improve finger dexterity and can also help improve stress as well as brain function.
                                                      Fidget Cube About Page Side Face
Toggle-This yin yang face allows you to flip back and forth a light switch feature which gives your mind a balance like night and day. Sometimes it takes a flip of the switch in order to flip your life around.
                                                          Fidget Cube About Page Side Face 1
Push-What does this button do? This cool face are for those of us who love pushing buttons, especially for us pen-clickers. This side of the cube has 5 buttons which can help your curiosity take flight. No need to stress out over these buttons, click away!
                                                        Fidget Cube About Page Back Face
Peace-This self soothing exercise is the key to relaxation and anxiety relief. It has a smooth and unique thumb-sized impression similar to worry stones. It allows you to press your thumb back and forth across it to help you confront your stress and anxiety.
                                                          Fidget Cube About Page Back Face 1
Joystick-This lever emulates a toggle in a game and can be moved in multiple directions to help you dodge your obstacles in life. Take control of your stress and glide with action because you don't have to be into games to enjoy this feature.

                                                        Fidget Cube About Page Back Face 3
Rotate-This cool feature spins around magically as you twirl it around with your thumb and is the perfect for those who love to fidget with their key rings. It feels real cool in your hand like ice cubes melting away your stress and now you can finally getting relief!